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Clean Sailors podcast supported by Henri-Lloyd


Welcome to our Clean Sailors podcast!

Hosted by Clean Sailors founder, Holly, we talk all about sea, sailing and keeping it clean, exploring some of the areas in which sailing and our wider marine industry can become that bit cleaner. 

Through conversations with experts, innovators, inventors and activists, all working towards the health of our seas, we showcase the people and projects changing the way things are done.

We believe great ideas should be shared so our podcast is free to appear on. If you've got a project, idea or topic you think we should be discussing - get in touch!


Our podcast is supported by Henri-Lloyd, a brand and legacy known for championing and supporting sailors, adventurers and pioneers who push boundaries.


EPISODE 1 - Shipping Cars Under Sail with Wallenius Marine

With global shipping emissions equivalent to that of our aviation industries, it's clear that massive opportunities lie in cleaner, smarter innovations. In this first episode of the Clean Sailors podcast, host Holly is joined by Per Tunnell, COO of Wallenius Marine, to discuss the power of sails in modern-day shipping. They talk about harnessing wind for a cleaner planet, how globalisation has been good for us and Wallenius's revolutionary new ship, the Oceanbird.

EPISODE 2 - In Praise of Cetaceans with Marine Connection and WDC

There are few things more spectacular when out on the water than sighting dolphins and whales. These awesome creatures aren't just profoundly intelligent, they keep the balance of many of our global ecosystems in check. In this episode, host Holly is joined by Liz Sandeman of Marine Connection and Katie Dyke of WDC, to discuss the importance of whales and dolphins - from their personalities to the alarming impacts we are having on these ancient species, and how us sailors, seafarers, mariners and water-appreciators can help safeguard their future.

EPISODE 3 - Why We Should Care About Our Cleaning with Ecoworks Marine

Being on our boats we are living directly in one of THE MOST important ecosystems on our planet, alongside an array of habitats and hosts of species and marine fauna. It makes sense, then, that what we do on and around the water has a pretty immediate impact on the health of our oceans.In this episode we speak with Angus Johnston, Co-founder of Ecoworks Marine, about ‘greywater’ and what it means when most drains lead to the sea...

EPISODE 4 - How Sea Urchins Inspired Antifoul with Finsulate

With studies showing that traditional antifoul paint on the bottom of our boats is contributing extraordinary amounts of chemicals and microplastics to our waters, the case for biocide-free and paint-free solutions is high. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Rik Breur, winner of the European Inventor Award 2019, material scientist and founder of revolutionary antifoul product, Finsulate, about why we should care about our bottoms and how nature inspired his solution to this ocean pollution problem.